A fraction of the


A collection of songs categorized by very specific moods that encapsulate the essence of each song.

When you are having trouble falling asleep.

When you need to remember what it feels like to have a crush.

When you feel introspective.

When you miss what it feels like to play outside.

When you feel weird and can't figure out how to 'de-funk.'

When you want to laugh and scream at the same time.

When you feel on top of the world, but don't want to complicate things.

When you can't get rid of the grin on your face and nothing will bring you down.

When you're feeling angsty, but not quite enough to listen to Blink-182

When you're on your 'A' game, but still feel goofy as hell.

When you don't know what to think at the moment.

When you can't help but reminisce.

When you need a little motivation to 'do you!'

When you simply need to feel again.

(When you desire a sheerly brilliant sound, a sound capable of making you feel a physical response in your stomach and chest without being able to explain how or why.)

When you want to feel in love with love itself, the cheap way.

Self explanatory. Also, when you want to memorize awesome lyrics.

Not sure exactly; just a beautiful song.

When you want to appreciate a great voice and guitar melody.

When you want to remember what it feels like to forget everything for about four minutes

When something has to change, but you don't know what yet.

When you're getting tipsy (or are already in the process of doing so), and feel fan-effing-tastic.

When you need to yell along with something, but remain calm while doing so.

When you essentially need to fill the empty spaces in your mind.

When you figured out how to make yourself happy again.

When everything is serene.

When you feel as if you must lose yourself and your current grip on everything.

(Doing so will make you realize that it's not difficult to find yourself again.)

When the line between fun and deep gets fuzzy, and you don’t care.

When you possess the inclination to throw away your values for a bit.

When you realize you can get away with losing a little more of your innocence.

When you want something different.